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FatherHood VR demo

A son travels to the past to understand his father's emotional distress.

FatherHood is a story of generational healing.  Below is the WIP script, deck, and a play test as well as story stringout.  This is not the most recent version.  No assets are final, all are temp.

After an altercation with his father, Bryson (14) runs away from home.  He is intercepted by his uncle Angelo, who uses storytelling to whisk Bryson back in time to meet a younger version of his father Booker and empathize with his past trials and tribulations.  Coming face to face with his father's childhood trauma which made him the man he is, Bryson understands the generational implications and returns home prepared to heal.

Fast forward and Bryson (35) is now a father, when faced with a similar situation with his own family, he makes a better choice, breaking the cycle of generational trauma.

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