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VRX Equipment


VRX owns some of the most cutting-edge professional equipment for immersive productions and we’d love to rent some of our kits to help you create your immersive content.


KANDAO Obsidian R
3D 8K

The Obsidian R 360 Camera by Kandao is a professional VR camera with six lenses capturing 8K stereoscopic video. It offers industry leading video quality with advanced stitching, a durable design for various environments, and real-time monitoring and editing, ideal for high-quality VR content creation.


Meta Quest 2 & 3

The Meta Quest 2 is a popular standalone VR headset with high resolution, ease of use, and affordability, featuring a fast processor and intuitive controls. The Meta Quest 3 improves on this with better performance, higher resolution, and enhanced comfort, advancing VR technology for mainstream use.

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