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These gripping, first-person stories speak to the urgency of the current uprising to inspire a new generation of defiance. The project honors lives lost while calling for renewed solidarity against racial injustice in America. The first episode of IN PROTEST: Minneapolis & St. Paul is available now for free on Oculus TV.


Get a front row seat for the March on Washington 2020, a protest to rekindle the civil rights spirit of 1963. Hear from an all-female cadre of journalists, educators, and activists who speak to racial equality, public policy, and the urgency of voting for change.


Ride with the Compton Cowboys as they help eradicate negative stigmas and rekindle their past in the old West. Hear from three generations of Black women as they reflect on 50 years of protests in Los Angeles. Connect with two previously incarcerated artists, Akil West and King Jaybo, who have turned their life around and now organize and mentor their community.


Stand face to face with Killer Mike from Run the Jewels as he explains how Black-owned businesses bring personal and financial value to the community and how he became a leader of the movement. Receive spiritual libation from artist and educator Ayanna Gregory, daughter of the legendary civil rights activist Dick Gregory. Join filmmaker James Tiago Bertrand, who put himself in harm’s way to deliver to you the real story from the front lines of protest.

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